“Les feux rouges des ponts s’éteignaient dans la seine, les étoiles mouraient, le jour naissait à peine”

G.Apollinaire (Alcools)

© Photo By Anthony Voisin


Accordion : Didier Ithursarry

Drums and Arrangements : Olivier Hestin

Double Bass : Frederic Chiffoleau

Trumpet and Bugle : Quentin Ghomari


Summoning the ghosts of those who left their mark on French song with their words and music from the past century.

Amputating certain songs of their lyrics to extract the ultimate musical essence residing within, discovering an inexhaustible sap…

Making the meaning of words, text, and lyrics heard through the metaphors of music, improvisation, and jazz.

Preserving the poetic essence…

This requires a rewriting, a reappropriation of meaning, a unique reinterpretation that will give rise to a liberated performance!

A challenge to be met under the imaginary gaze of our departed ancestors.

3 petites notes de musique

by Olivier Hestin | L'oeil des aieux

Jolie môme

by Olivier Hestin | L'oeil des aieux