Olivier Hestin

Drummer | Composer | Multi-instrumentalist

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© Photo By Anthony Voisin
© Photo By Anthony Voisin

Born November 6, 1969 in the Paris region. He began singing and expressing music at a very young age on his parents’ old singing guide. The choice of drums came to him at the age of 9. From then on he led a dual activity as composer and percussionist. As a teenager he entered the percussion class of the CNR of Rueil-Malmaison and took lessons from François Bedel and Gaston Sylvestre. Diligently practicing open-mindedness, he expresses himself in the very diverse fields of improvised, traditional, experimental music but also song and live performance.

For around thirty years he has collaborated, toured, played or recorded with artists, groups or companies (selective list) such as Jean-Christophe Cholet, Babick Reinhardt, L’ensemble Steckar Tubapack, Thierry “titi” Robin, Giovanni Mirabassi , the Ténarèze group, the Mezzanine theater, the Esquif theater, the contemporary circus company Feria Musica and many others.

At the same time, he has always directed his own training and projects including the quintet Toile Métisse (1995-2000). The trio “Parallel Résonnances” with Laurent Bronner on piano and Raphaël François on piccolo bass (2010). The trio MANEGE(s) with Alexandre Saada (piano) and Martial Bort (guitars), album “Manège(s)” released in 2017 by Promiseland / socadisc.

Today with the ORPHA project and a quartet with accordionist Didier Ithursarry “L’oeil des aieux”, he continues his incessant musical wanderings.

Since 1990 Olivier Hestin has joined his drums and his music to numerous musicians, Thierry “titi” Robin, Giovanni Mirabassi, Jean-christophe Cholet, Babick Reinhardt, Marc Steckar, Franck Woeste, Fred Soul, Zool Fleicsher, Andy Emler, William Helderlin , Bernard Subert, Catherine Delaunay, Jean-Philippe Morel, Stéphane Kéricki, Richard Bonnet, Raphaêl François, Lionel Suarez, Scott Taylor, Alain Blondiau, Michel Massot, Stéphane Rault, Eric Fischer, Laurent Hestin, Nicolas Larmignat, Adrien Lambinet, Dree Peremans , Marc Anthony, Alain “kachtoun” Cadeillan, Dominique Pifarely, Guillaume Roy, Stéphane Payen, Michaël Attias, Didier Ithursarry, Alexandra Grimal… accompanied the singers Yann Linaar, Nicolas Reggiani, Agnès Bilh, Pascal Parisot, Guillaume Farley, Cristina Marrocco, Rona Hartner, Nicolas Paugam… actively participated in the groups Tenareze, Steckar Tubapack, Cook the Linaar, La Rasbaia, Ich bin wallou, Wild Koongo Bros, Brie hard block, Chanson plus bifluoré, the HEPTA ensemble, WE FREE, a collaborated with the companies: L’ESQUIF theater, LA MEZZANINE theater, contemporary circus FERIA MUSICA, ODEBI collective and directed his own training.


New album available!

First album of the ORPHA project, an intense musical abundance mixing contemporary jazz and lyrical singing, improvised music and poetry.